Patch Notes



General Updates

News page added.
Shield Penetration and Hipfire Accuracy Passives are automatically unlocked for the first level.
Removed Movement Stim item.

Crafting Unlocked

Players can use crafting components found in matches to craft various weapons and armor

Ammo Upate

Ammo is now used per bullet and no longer discards the remaining magazine on reloading.
Ammo is now stored in a unique slot in the inventory and backpack.

Map Generation

Prison ship has been added.
Blue and yellow variants of the luxury ship has been added.
Respawn stations now have a chance to spawn more than 2 per match.

Looting Update

Loot up to Legendary rarity can now be found in most queues, at very low drop chances

Weapon Changes

Cybrid BiterĀ 
Base Damage Increased from 10 to 20
Cybrid Damage Modifier Decreased from 3 to 1.5

Base Damage Increased from 50 to 60
Rarity Scaling: 60-67/75/82/90/97/105

Silenced Pistol
Base Damage Decreased from 60 to 45
Rarity Scaling: 45-50/56/62/68/73/79
Fire Rate Increased from 0.25 to 0.194

Bug Fixes

Fixed issue where the vendors would show the first vendor selected instead of the properly selected vendor.
Fixed issue where the Elite Bot Spawner would not be intractable on the Luxury Ship.
Fixed issue where Cybrid death crates would fall through stairs.
Fixed issue where projectile wasp's attacks would sometimes not play explosion VFX.
Fixed issue where the Phase Shift ability VFX would trigger on teammates.

Known Issues

Equipment may reset after first match.
When picking up ammo, the total on the HUD sometimes doesn't update (even after a reload). It updates after unequipping/reequipping.
Known issues with swapping items in the belt. Inventory overhaul still in the works.
End of match screen may not show gained experience from match. XP & rewards are still granted.

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